Youth Out Loud

Youth Out Loud

Youth Out Loud is an organization that is dedicated to raising awareness about the issue of child abuse and sexual violence, the intersecting realities of the epidemic of violence against children, and the conditions that allow it to continue.

​Youth Out Loud provides space for teenagers and adults to express their ideas, politics and activism. It allows people to come together to facilitate hope, action, and change.

We believe that speaking out about racism, systemic oppression, misogyny, homophobia, and classism is the only true way to freedom and equity for all.  ​


Please let us know if something in these pages resonates with you, or if you wish to contribute additional resources, send us the link and we will post it in our pages. 


One way to break silence is through art or poetry. Got a poem or a piece of art you wish to share? Email us at:

and we will post it in our art and poetry section.