Youth Out Loud was founded by Joanne Vannicola in 2004. We no longer have our NGO status, but remain active as an independent organization and resource.

Throughout the years we have been graced with the hard work and dedication of numerous volunteers, survivors, activists, educators, agitators, advocates, friends, and supporters.

Special thanks goes to Simona Jellinek. Simona is lawyer and assault specialist who not only contributed funds, but was present for the 4K walks to raise awareness about sexual abuse, and provided counsel when needed. You can learn more about Simona Jellinek through our resource page.

Proceeds from our annual 4K walks were shared between other NGOs including BOOST, Central Toronto Youth Services as well as Youth Out Loud and our Survivor Fund. The survivor fund directly paid for therapy for survivors of sexual abuse. Extended thanks goes to all the therapists who made themselves available for survivors, including Ann MacKinnon, Judith Dunstan, Roberto Nascimento, and Margaret Powell. 

Youth Out Loud no longer holds annual events, walks, stage shows, outreach, or community functions, but will remain active as a resource and as a website for information and to keep a record of our history. We will continue to update content as well as provide space for people who wish to contribute art, poetry, ideas, or additional resources to our website which we would be happy to post.

If interested in contributing or sharing resources, please email us at: info@youth-out-loud.org

Note: Graphic imagery and poetry will not be accepted. Youth Out Loud will also not be able to post everything we receive. Thank you for understanding.