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Watch what you say


  I never asked him to my place

  He just invited himself

  in and I didn't have much say

  f_ _k you if you think

  I had anything to do

  with his

  deciding he had a right

  to my body

  you don't get to say that

  without hearing 

  what I have to say back

  And you don't get

  to hurt me a second time

  by blaming me for his act

  so you better take it back

  and you better watch what you say

  cause I'm not going away



The little girls name is Destiny, 

She was 10 years old

She died on 1-15-04


Please open up your ears and open your heart as I am about to start……………………


When everything is Dark Outside


When everything is dark outside                                                                                                        

Her mommy can’t be her guiding light

Cause she’s lost in the nightlife of

Pcp and crack sells

And God knows any other types of drugs

Daddy cant save her cause he left mommy

And when he left he did me a favor

By not remembering me

And im glad

Causes when he died I didn’t fill bad


Causes he was a stranger

So he can’t save me 

I didn’t cry, but 

That day a part of me did die too.

When everything is dark outside

I call to the angles to be my guiding light

I know I have a lil sister or brother coming

But mommy feeds it seeds of demonsie

So he will probably will be blind or cant be able to breath


But I just hope God will set it free, let it be…..!

Mommie can’t even take care of me…

So as I grow up and fill out, her friends

Laugh and smile after they get buzzed out 

I know they don’t see me as the little girl

Who was always –n- the way anymore

They try to reach out and grab me mentally 

With the things that they say


I watch lifetime so that’s not all right

I know this is the message from my

Guardian angle telling me to start leaving 

This place

When everything is dark outside

It doesn’t mean, the night or the moon filled sky

It means my life is dark when I open my eyes

I just can’t cry any more tears against pain

But when I am dreaming I see all kinds of lights white, bright lights

Guiding me where angles fly free and sing songs

Lucino Pavorittie and Denise Graves could sing 


See I also forgot to tell you when my mom and dad 

Had me 

They gave me the lifespan of a rose in the summer heat

U see Destiny is infected with HIV

So angles, watch over mommie cause im growing wings

When everything is dark outside ………………………

I gotta fly free


Author Jay T. Howard-Brock


Getting up sometimes is hard to do

I open my eyes and the light is blurred

By the shade that fell over my heart

Even though I say today is supposed to be another day

I get ready for school and carry the broken pieces

Of myself on my back with the rest of my stuff


It’s always the same

Trying to block the thoughts that cloud my brain

Like dew or rain or smoke that fills and takes

All the space in my lungs till I can’t breathe

Thinking of all the things he did to me

When no one was home

And they gave him some time

But not before he stole some of me

And took it with him to his cage


He’s in his prison and I’m in mine